Ways To Cut Your Monthly Grocery Bill

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The inflation rate in the Philippines is now 6.4% compared last year on the same month it was only 3.1%

This breaking news has caused many Filipinos to suffer in settling for less just to make ends meet. Whereas, the fuel, alcoholic beverage, rice, fruits, and vegetables are too
expensive for forcing the consumers to opt in buying canned products. The inflation rate has affected thousands of consumers, to help you get through it, here are the ways to cut down your monthly grocery bill and manage your finance properly.

Go Generic

If you really want to cut down your monthly bill, it’s time to leave big brands behind and choose generic products. You will never know the quality of a generic product unless you try it. For instance, you want to cook carbonara pasta for the kids, if the branded canned mushroom is Php56.00 then the generic product that has the same weight and other nutrients in it, but you can purchase it for as low as Php47.00, choose the latter.

Arrange Meal Plans

One week before you get busy with the bi-weekly grocery, list down all the recipes you found in your newsfeed that you want to cook at home. In this way, you will only purchase the
essential ingredients and it will gradually help you in managing finance.

Shop Without Kids

If you really want to improve your financial strategies, never shop with the kids! As parents, we always have the soft heart for them, each time they wish you to buy something for them. As the outcome, you are paying more than the amount of what you have allotted for the grocery.

Avail Membership Card

Some grocery stores offer membership card at Php100.00-Php150.00 for discounts and freebies. You earn points everytime you shop and enjoy the rewards. You have discipline yourself when managing your finance and credit cards to avoid bankruptcy, a simple act of grocery can disrupt the financial flow of your family.

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